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Nominal Cost
Pack Size
  • 1

A head is dropped when an animal, citizen or avatar dies. It can be used as a form of trophy or proof of kill. Most notable use is hanging the heads of your conquered enemies on the walls of your mighty warship.

All heads are automatically inscribed with the name and ID of the owner when they are dropped. This can be used as proof of the origin since inscriptions cannot be changed.

Heads are edible by omnivores, carnivores and scavengers.

For placing a head on display, please refer to the Static Display page.


When a head of an avatar with bounty is dropped it will be eligible for an exchange. The head can be given to collect the bounty.

Quotes from patch notes

Related patch notes
Update 2014-07-24: Skulls
I want proof of death of an avatar if I send out a bounty hunter.
All creatures now drop a skull when they die, including highborn avatars.
  • Skulls are automatically inscribed with the name and id of the original owner. The inscription cannot be changed.
  • Skulls are not food to anybody, including scavengers. Sorry to you scrapple lovers out there.
  • The skull model is created using its DNA, so it looks like the original owner.
  • DNA of skulls can be sampled and the specie can be named, like other DNA bearing items.
  • Two headed creatures only drop one skull.

Update 2015-08-13: Head vs Skull

Skulls should be called "heads".

Update 2015-08-13: Edible Heads

Heads should be edible.
Scavengers, omnivores, and carnivores can now eat heads. As food they also decay much more quickly in the environment, on par with other meat and bones lying about.

Update 2015-08-13: Head Decay

Heads should decay into a bone like a carcass does.
Done. The bone appears a bit more femurish than skullish, but it's a bone.

http://hazeron.com/mybb/showthread.php?tid=451 Update 2018-12-21: Bounty Hunter Jobs]

Bounty hunter jobs are extremely rare and difficult to acquire. Does anyone know how it works?
Bounty hunter jobs were eliminated in favor of the following system:
  • The head you drop when you die is tagged with your highest current bounty, if you have one.
    • Multiple heads can be tagged with the same bounty.
    • A head with a bounty shows that information on its item name and in its description.
  • A head with a bounty is redeemed using the gear window.
    • If the bounty on the head is still active on the avatar, you will receive the money and a notification. The bounty is removed from the head.
    • If the bounty on the head is no longer active on the avatar, you receive notification but no money. The bounty is removed from the head.
    • If the avatar cannot be located, you receive no notification. The bounty is not removed from the head. You must try again later.
  • You cannot redeem a bounty from your own head.