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Small picture frame and a flower pot.

A static item is in short, an item set as decoration.

Static items cannot be destroyed or picked up by anyone other than the person that placed it (read below for details).

Others can click the item to read the inscription on it.

Placing a Static Item

To make an item into a static decoration:

  1. Move the desired item to a hand slot in the inventory
  2. Select the item in the action mode
  3. Click the "Place Item on Display" key (default Shift + P)

Manipulating a Static Item

It is possible to manipulate a static item using the static item control window.

Static item manipulation window.

With this it is possible move the static item into place or rotate it.

Manipulation Permission

A static item can be accessed and manipulated by:

  • The avatar who placed the item on display
  • When aboard a spacecraft, any officer of the ship
  • When in a city, anyone in the chain-of-command of the city
  • Anywhere else, anyone can access the item


When an item is placed on static display, any DNA in it will become not viable. This means that a DNA sample kit cannot take a DNA sample from the item after it has been on display once.

Quotes from patch notes

Related patch notes
Update 2015-07-10: Pirates Destroyed My Plants
Repeated missile hits to the front of my ship, where my cabin is, destroyed all my potted plants. :^[
I started the work to enable static display of items. It's not finished yet. Here's where it stands.
  • Place Item on Display avatar command added. Default key is Shift+P. Configure in settings.
  • Current item in hand is placed at the location you are targeted, if it is within 3m. ::* Otherwise the item is dropped at your feet.
  • You must be in a spacecraft or on the ground on a world to place static items.
  • Static item rotation matches your body rotation. Head tilt has no effect.
  • Static item becomes subordinate to your parent spacecraft or planet.
  • Static items cannot be destroyed.
  • Static items do not decay.
  • Static items can only be picked up by the person who placed them.
  • Static items do not block gunfire.
  • Static food items do not attract rats.
  • Static potted plants can be harvested of it's produce by anyone.
  • Static potted plant size cannot be changed by anyone; set it before you place it.
  • Static items are not affected by gravity.
  • Regular potted plants are no longer immune to environmental decay. You have to make them static.
  • The limit of 100 flower pots is no longer enforced. We'll see how this goes. Those textures take a long time to make.
What's left to do is enable selection of static items so you can further manipulate their location and rotation.

Update 2015-07-14: Static Item Exploit Nuisance

Static display items cannot be removed by anybody but the owner. This "feature" can will be abused.
A static display item can be accessed by:
  • The avatar who placed the item on display.
  • When aboard a spacecraft, any officer of the ship.
  • When in a city, anyone in the chain-of-command of the city.
  • Anywhere else, anyone can access the item.

Update 2015-07-14: Static Display Manipulation

Need a way to manipulate static display items, without accidentally picking them up all the time.
  • Click on static display items you own or can access. Instead of picking up the item, a UI appears that lets you move and rotate the item. The UI also has a button to pick up the item, if you choose.
  • Click on static display items you cannot access. A thought message reports what the item is, who placed it there, and the inscription on the item if there is one.

Update 2015-10-27: Live vs Dead DNA

Using the static display mechanic, it is possible to set up an indestructible genesis bomb factory. That seems unfair.
Items that contain plant or animal DNA now keep a sense of live vs dead DNA.
  • Live DNA is reported as viable.
  • Dead DNA is reported as not viable.
  • Manufacturing items tends to kill the DNA, e.g. leather, clothes, armor, Meat, bones, eggs, milk and cheese contain live DNA.
  • Items with dead animal DNA cannot be DNA sampled.
  • Items with dead plant DNA cannot produce fruit or seeds.
  • Placing items on static display kills their DNA and any objects contained within them. There is no warning for this. It is mentioned in the tooltip for the key mapping for placing an item on static display (Shift+P).
  • Genesis devices can be put on static display without breaking the DNA in them.
  • Planting a seed with DNA that is not viable will still grow a potted plant but it will not produce fruit or seeds.