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The parsec in Hazeron is defined as the distance traveled in ten minutes at the speed of light ("terminal velocity" of a spacecraft). It is equal to ‭106'326'000‬ meters, or 125(?) AU, or ten light-minutes (per definition).

Short answer:

  • ‭106'326'000‬m

Real-World Definition

The parsec (parallax of one arcsecond) is a unit of length, equal to just under 31x10^12 kilometers, 206'265 AU, or about 3.26 light-years. It is defined as the length of the adjacent side of an imaginary right triangle in space. The two dimensions that specify this triangle are the parallax angle (defined as 1 arcsecond) and the opposite side (defined as 1 astronomical unit (AU), the distance from the Earth to the Sun). Given these two measurements, along with the rules of trigonometry, the length of the adjacent side (the parsec) can be found.

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