Aerial Platform

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Type Platform
Description Elevated artificial terrain for construction
Placement Requirement Can't build on aliens' claims.
Can't build in aliens' jurisdiction.
Structural Requirements
Arena No
Auditorium No
Battery No
Commodity Storage No
Field Area No
Generator No
Guard Post No
Home, Large No
Home, Medium No
Home, Small No
Livestock No
Lounge Space No
Office Space No
Parking, Ground Vehicles No
Parking, Space Vehicles No
Parking, Water Vehicles No
Parking, Spacecraft No
Radar No
Shield Generator No
Shop Space No
Space Vehicle Launchers No
Space Vehicle Recovery Systems No
Store Space No
Surgery Units No
Transporters No
Turrets No
Weapon Bays No

Aerial platforms are massive structures that can be constructed in mid-air using grav coupling technology. Other buildings can then be constructed on top of the platform.

The altitude of the platform can be controlled at the time of placing with the mousewheel.

See also: Ground Platform and Sea Platform

Trade Connection

Aerial platform automatically establish a trade connection with all airport terminals in the solar system. Allowing buildings on it to fetch commodities from any other building connected to an airport.


When a platform is destroyed, all buildings on top it are destroyed as well.

Quotes from patch notes

Related patch notes
2019-05-16 Drilling Rigs, Platforms: Platforms
Platforms have never been implemented.
Platforms can now be built.
  • Construction window has buttons to create aerial, ground and sea platforms, on the Superstructures page.
  • Platforms create a structure on which other buildings can be built.
  • Design properties now enables selection of Aerial Platform, Ground Platform, and Sea Platform structures.
  • Some platform designs will be available in the exchange after I have a chance to post them. Their blueprint files are distributed in the Blueprints/Buildings folder as Aerial Platform 820m.SoH, Ground Platform 400m Square.SoH, and Sea Platform 500m with Harbor.SoH.
  • A new [i]Build Zone[/i] part type was added for platforms. A build zone defines the area on a platform where buildings may be built. A build zone also creates a floor against gravity and it acts as a 3m tall hull void. The floor is active even when the platform is under construction, so you can land on top of it to build it.
  • Platforms can incorporate the [i]Environment Void[/i] part, added for biodomes. Environment voids on platforms will create an enclosed environment space just like a biodome.
  • Biodomes can be built on platforms.
  • Aerial platforms can be built in all atmospheres, including gas giants and vacuum. The UI needs work on gas giants. It is currently very difficult to build an aerial platform on a gas giant because you must be at the core; that will be fixed shortly.
  • Sea platforms can be built in lava if they are constructed of vulcium or adamantine. This has not been tested.
  • Ground platforms can be built on dry land or on sea bottoms, including under supercooled seas. I'm not sure they have much use.
  • Most buildings can be built on platforms, including farms and orchards.
  • Building sites are not visible on platforms. To insure buildings under construction are visible, a minimum amount of structure is shown even when no construction has been done.
  • Aerial and sea platform building sites are not visible on the terrain. They actually don't allow site meshes. To find them when they are under construction, a minimum amount of structure is shown even when no construction has been done.
  • Plants appear on platforms at designated plant locations in building designs, such as crop rows at a farm or landscaping at a building.
  • When a platform is destroyed, all buildings on the platform are destroyed.
  • It will be possible to break building construction rules using a platform. e.g. HQ on a platform is destroyed with the platform; that could leave military buildings behind on the surface. We will see if any significant problem is caused by this.
  • Transporter can beam to and from a platform. When beaming to a platform, you could (currently) end up inside a building. If a platform has buildings, it is better to beam directly to one of them.