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dumb thought: hazeron unlimited?
so to start off, i used to play SoH a LOT, way back when, and when it went pay to play i was a bit heart broken, but understanding. servers cost money to mantain and having however many players on one means a server needs a lot of upkeep

but most recently i had a thought. there's another "poor graphics high gameplay" game out there that had a monthly fee system for server upkeep, and they had the idea of taking their game and putting the whole thing, with player runned dedicated servers and such kit, onto steam, and with a $30 price tag wurm online is doing pretty great.

so what i was thinking, since "Shores of Hazeron costs a lot to operate", why not follow suit? granted it would sort of split the playerbase up a bit, but that'd probably be the price to pay for less server load. additionally it'd be putting SoH on a popular and well known platform so who knows how many more people would get to enjoy it?

ultimately, this is entirely up to Haxus. if they think it's a great idea and want to put it out there, or if they don't want to go though the extra effort just to market it somewhere else, is entirely their decision. they made SoH and it's up to them what they want to do with it
dont like this idea.
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If anything this would only fracture the already small Hazeron community.
(06-27-2018, 11:46 AM)xoyv Wrote: price to pay for less server load
Don't need less server load.

(06-27-2018, 11:46 AM)xoyv Wrote: extra effort just to market it somewhere else
The current plan is to release Hazeron on Steam, but there are a number of things Haxus wants to finish before doing so. So far the plan to release on Steam is only delayed by 18 months.

Haxus has mentioned in the past that he won't make a singleplayer version of Hazeron, I highly doubt he will make dedicated servers either. Not to mention the amount of work it would take to do.
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The fact that Hazeron isn't fractured into a bunch of independent servers is one of the things I like about it.
Well... spliting the game into multiple servers could still work if you make it so each galaxy is a server and you can still travel between them using the galactic cores.

Also having private servers could also work if you give people who want to run some the ability to change settings such as galaxy size, number of stars, resource spread, and how fast things build. Of course you won't be able to be traveled to from official servers from private ones :)
That would require some central coordination. At least an authnz server.

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