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As a minimum, post a copy of the update here on the forum in a locked thread, like you did with the previous update thread (2020-08-24 Update).
Hazeron Forum and Wiki Moderator

As a backer, I think it would be more beneficial to the community at large if the update notes were posted publicly. Transparency is a good thing, especially to new or returning players who are curious what has been added.

I feel the same. I guess you could compromise by posting a more minimal version of the notes to the forum just summarizing the actual changes, and restrict the more detailed explanations to the Patreon version of the post. But I personally wouldn't feel like my contribution was devalued by making the full update posts public. That seems like the kind of information everybody should have.

Yeah same feelings here, I only subscribed on patreon to support and have access to the polls, public update notes are a MUST HAVE. Of all the games I ever seen on patreon, none had update notes locked beind a paywall.

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