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2020-01-10 Spacecraft Damage and Modules, Organ Models

The number of workers available is the sum of all workers at airport repair shops in the community. For a military air base, that is all the airport repair shops on the planet.

Why so hate on blender btw? Its good

Also, what is the next step? QoL things for designer? Starter blueprints? More info about blueprints in construction window?
Back in 2nd gen cities i could develop empire without touching building designer at all. Now i had to design set of buildings for myself that look meh but fufill my requirements and there is no way to quickly modify them. Olny by reuploading them in exhange again

Overall material costs should be about the same.

I love Blender; it's the most awesome modeling program. I just don't have time to learn and it does so much more than I can support. My tool makes exactly the data I need.

Edited in some thoughts about item designer.

Nice to know about costs, as my many-headed spreadsheet-hydra gets depressed by change...

I am not sure how "broken parts" interact with hit points, are they just a unit of measurement for 10 hit points?

1 broken part = 10 hit points of overall system damage.

You will be missed my good old ship.
[Image: 2019-01-27_10_29_02-Window.png?width=705&height=303]

Anyway, all the module changes sound awesome! been waiting for those!
I'll get on updating the wiki this weekend.
Hazeron Forum and Wiki Moderator

(01-10-2020, 05:52 PM)Haxus Wrote: I will restore starmap export.
Thank you so much for this! I really missed being able to sort systems out of game.

Excellent update all around, I'll get to updating my designs to use the new system.


An error in the update today requires a rollback to the backup that was made at 17:51Z, about four hours ago. A persistent SQL error was causing database transactions to fail.

Also, there was an error that caused building construction processes to require spacecraft modules. That was corrected.

XML export restored to starmap.

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