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2020-01-10 Spacecraft Damage and Modules, Organ Models

Spacecraft Damage
I have never been very happy with the way spacecraft damage is managed. Every bit of damage equates to a part that must be replaced.

Damage tracking was completely revamped. This affected both spacecraft and buildings.
  • All damage was removed from existing spacecraft and buildings. The old data was incompatible.
  • Damage is now separated into hit points of damage and parts that are broken.
  • Each system (hull, transporter, maneuver drive, etc.) has a total number of hit points.
  • Most damage is recorded as hit points, against that total.
  • Some damage is recorded as broken parts. A broken part equates to 10 hit points from the total.
  • Most damage is applied to the hull system, comprised of hull, hold, and fuel portions of the ship.
  • Critical hits may affect internal equipment systems: weapons, engines, etc.
  • Critical hit damage is distributed between hull and internal systems according to the ratio of hull damage to full hull health. Critical hits affect internal systems more as the hull becomes more damaged, not at all if the hull is undamaged.
  • Damage Report window changed considerably. It now shows hit points damage, broken parts, and other conditions such as fire and acid.
  • Request Repairs page of Spacecraft Services window changed considerably.
  • Repair shops can now assign multiple workers to a repair job to get it done more quickly, never less than 10 seconds.
  • Tools can be used to perform repairs by hand. If parts are needed, they are fetched from the hold when the tool is used. If no parts are in the hold, they are fetched from your gear. If no part is installed, whether not needed or not available, the tool repairs hit points of damage, the amount dependent on the quality of the tool.
  • Hull damage is always the hull material and internal system damage is always a module. The only tools needed to repair a ship are a hammer and a wrench (fitting wrench, pliers or wrench).
Spacecraft Modules
System modules for spacecraft seem to be only partially implemented. They aren't used to make a spacecraft but you need them to upgrade a spacecraft. What IS a module? A huge crate of junk that upgrades any system, no matter how big or small?

In summary, system modules are now treated like individual components, like an electronic circuit board, only specialized to their purpose. Ships are now built mostly of modules and some kind of metal.

  • Hull modules no longer exist as a commodity. They exist only for designating hull materials. Hulls are built of metal, magmium, vulcium, or adamantine.
  • System modules are manufactured at airport repair shops. That did not change.
  • System modules now require very few parts to manufacture. Previously they took lots.
  • System modules are installed and removed using a fitting wrench, wrench, or pliers.
  • When repairing a system, use the same kind of module as is already installed.
  • When all modules are removed or destroyed in a system, the first new module can change the system type, to perform an upgrade by hand.
  • When upgrading by hand, modules of a different system type are not grabbed from the hold automatically, only from your gear. To change a system type by hand, you must possess the first new type module that is installed. After that, additional modules can be acquired from the hold.
  • System Upgrades page of the Spacecraft Services window can be used to change the type of an entire system at an airport repair shop. All modules must be replaced. The number of modules needed to perform the upgrade depends on the system. Previously, only one module was required to upgrade any system.
  • Modules are used to manufacture spacecraft. This change reduces the construction time of spacecraft quite a lot. Atlantis went from 5 days 14 hours down to 23 hours. Basic Design went from 3 min to 1 min.
  • Modules can be disassembled using a screwdriver, the same way a carcass is butchered using a knife. 1/2 of the parts consumed to make the module are recovered (fractions are rounded up).
  • No patents are required to build any spacecraft. Previously, the module patents were required that would have been needed to make the various system modules. Now it is possible to sell/give/transfer modules to someone to build a spacecraft, without giving them the technology to make the modules.
  • Model of a module now looks like a small grey box with some wires, instead of a huge crate.
  • All modules weigh 1kg each, instead of whatever massive weight they had before.
Old Space Ship Nerf
Old style spacecraft did not survive this change. They are gone.

All code and data related to old style spacecraft was removed.
  • Textures were removed.
  • Shaders were removed.
  • Story lines were updated to use a modern spacecraft design.
Organ Models
When I butcher a body I get three grey boxes. They turn out to be heart, lungs and stomach. I butcher a head and one gray box pops out; it's a brain!

This was a lot more work than it sounds, mainly because I was determined to not do it using Blender.
  • Item Designer is now usable by me. It is disabled for everyone else.
  • Item Designer enables me to make item models for use in the game. No more Blender!
  • Brain and Heart now have 3D models, instead of the bolt cube.
  • Module model is a .SoH model.
Food Variety Bonus
Food variety bonus is different for carnivores because of the limited number of food choices.

The addition of more food choices edible by carnivores resulted in the food variety bonus calculation being unified for all ecological roles. It is +1 at 4-7 food types, +2 at 8 or more food types.

White Roads
When flying down to my city from orbit, all the roads turn white at the moment I enter the atmosphere.

Fixed fog calculation error.

Enter Primeval Designer
When I start up the solo designer, the options window says "Enter Primeval World".

Fixed dialog button wording.

Vulcium EV Suit Model
The vulcium EV suit gets a bolt cube model. It's been around forever. Isn't there a model for it?

Discovered the model was not being included in the distro library. It is there now but adding it broke the Windows 32 build due to a library that got too big. It can be fixed. Will delay today's post of the Win32 update.

Spacecraft Refit
Refit window is confusing if your ship has/had the bug that caused volumes to be incorrect. Nothing seems to fix it.

Fixed messages to update according to changes. It is now more clear when the problem has been corrected.

Butcher Icon
When in butcher mode, the knife shows two icons on the screen that are hard to understand.

Knife now shows one icon of a meat cleaver when in butcher mode.

Infinite Damage Bug
Ships sometimes seem to take infinite amounts of damage.

Fixed by the damage management changes.

Add Starmap Exporting back.

Also, what is "Hazeron Freehold, LLC"?

Hazeron Freehold, LLC is my property management company. It's what keeps me alive, that and my sugar-mamma.

(01-10-2020, 05:48 PM)Haxus Wrote: Hazeron Freehold, LLC is my property management company. It's what keeps me alive, that and my sugar-mamma.

Ah, cool. Please add Starmap Exporting back. Please. What do I need to do to convince you?

I will restore starmap export.

I forgot to mention a minor change to the city report. The Spacecraft Manufacturing Potential section was moved to the end, just before the Patents. It got to be kind of long with all the modules.

How is repair worker assignement implemented? Do we have to choose how many unemployed workers we pick from city/cities when order to repair spacecraft or there is a new job in repair shop where we put as many workers as we want?

I want to make city with 1 million citizens assigned to repair job without any morale penalties

Also, how officer handles repair order now?

I support starmap export too

(01-10-2020, 05:52 PM)Haxus Wrote: I will restore starmap export.
Thank you. Thank you so much.

Very interesting changes, I don't have a good handle yet on what it all means in real terms...

Do overall spacecraft material costs and build times remain similar, with the load now put on module manufacture instead of spacecraft assembly? Are material costs now radically different too, are their proportions changed?

Even the whisper of an item designer is exciting. I hope in future it will be possible to create buildings and spacecraft with much lower data footprints just by telling them to load items (like furniture) in specified places, rather than repeating meshes everywhere in the ship/building design.

The organ situation is a nice test-case for something that could make the item designer attractively flexible. As well as being able to make individual organs, it would be nice if a butcher could produce "Offal: 10/100/1000 pack". If you then wanted to place an organ as a decoration, or if a ship design wanted to grab an organ model to place in a location, you could specify which exact organ model you wanted at the point of placing (or in the ship blueprint). i.e. You have a 10 pack of organs, and you place 10 decorative items in your room using any 10 organ models for which you have the blueprint. Obviously, this only applies to items with the same stats - not sure if organs do. But items like "Furniture: 10 pack" obviously would.

cool and good

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