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2019-12-20 Landing, Turret

Land at Airport Order
NPCs have trouble landing at airports.

Fixed two errors when checking for a landing site.

One error caused an inconsistency between what obstructions they perceived when inside vs outside the atmosphere, causing crazy flight behavior.

The other error caused the pilot to sometimes get close, then think the landing site was on the other side of the planet, and execute a vertical takeoff to fly there.

Land at City Order
NPCs don't follow this order at all.

Reworked NPC landing logic to land on roads when no empty spacecraft landing spots are available. They first prefer level graded roads over sloping grades. Second, they prefer concrete, asphalt, then dirt.

NPCs currently land at the end points of roads and slabs and they don't care about road width. The landing spot must be inside city limits because then they can trade. They check for obstructions; they insure the spot is not inside an enclosure; and they make sure it is above sea level if the world has surface liquid.

Turret Ordnance
I was unable to load ordnance into a turret. The window showed nothing.

Fixed an error in identifying the turret station. This may have broken old style space ships but I don't care.

Observatory Report Asteroid Position
City report could show position of asteroids.

City report now shows the position of asteroids relative to the solar system.

It should also only report one event per asteroid, per city report. I was getting multiples. That may have only been a temporary problem on the debug servers.

Remote Camera Buttons
When at a command station, it would be handy if the on-screen buttons at the right included controls for remote cameras.

Remote camera buttons now appear among the buttons at the right, when you areĀ at a command station of a spacecraft that has remote cameras in its design. There will be no camera buttons if the design has no cameras.

Commodities needed for body organs.

Heart, lungs, gills, and stomach added.
  • Edible to carnivores, omnivores, and scavengers.
  • Can be manufactured at a meat processing plant.
  • Butchering an animal carcass now produces: meat, leather, bone, heart, lungs, and stomach.
  • Butchering a fish now produces: fish meat, heart, gills, and stomach.
Eventually DNA will determine what organs are produced.

Harvested 4B Units
A spacecraft reported harvesting 4.29 billion units of borexino precipitate.

This looked suspiciously like a negative rollover of an unsigned 32 bit integer. I hardened the calculations for harvest quantity to insure they did not produce a negative result.

I will change their landing strategy to go for the middle of roads and slabs. End point data was readily available without too much work so that's what it is atm.

I also have a note to adjust the food variety bonus thresholds, due to the increased food choices. Food variety bonus varies by ecological role, based on how many possible food choices are available to them. It is lowest for carnivores.

Why oh why did I ever make a distinction between fish meat and animal meat?

(12-20-2019, 04:08 PM)Haxus Wrote: Why oh why did I ever make a distinction between fish meat and animal meat?

And why is it all sushi? Hehe.

I would still suggest ecological role based prepared meals. I remember making an idea thread about it on the old forum.
Basically something like "Prepared Carnivore Meals" made using a combination of different meat products. Generic names for the meals would make it better for game immersion, and easier to implement than real world meal names.
Hazeron Forum and Wiki Moderator

Oh wow, this is super cool! I was gonna report those landing bugs since I was having to manually land ships at airports using coordinntes, and now it's fixed. The road thing is cool too, great job

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