Reach For The Stars (Story)

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Reach for the Stars is the name of the tutorial story which new avatars are greeted with, if they picked the start type of the same name.

Targoss will spawn and guide you through the starting steps of your empire. He will also provide you a torch should you accept his help.


  • Learn avatar movement controls.
  • Learn user interface controls.
  • Learn to communicate using the Comm window.
  • Learn how to pick up an item.
  • Learn how to use a torch.


  • Targoss - Guide. Male character of the same race as the avatar.

Autostart Conditions

  • Avatar has less than 10 experience points.
  • Avatar does not possess a torch.


Targoss will teach you basic movement and interface controls. Usage of the Comm and items.

Full Transcript
  • Targoss: Welcome traveller. I am here to help you get started.
  • Targoss: It is my job to teach you a few things that will help you find your way in this world.
  • Targoss: Move the mouse left and right to turn your body. Turn until you are facing me.
  • Targoss: Move the mouse away from you and toward you to look up and down.
  • Targoss: Click the right mouse button to make the hand cursor appear.
  • Targoss: The hand cursor is your character's hand. Use it to operate window buttons and controls.
  • Targoss: Your hand can also be used in the scene to operate doors, activate controls and grab items.
  • Targoss: Click the right mouse button again to make the hand cursor go away. The mouse goes back to controlling your body.
  • Targoss: Everything I say is transcribed on your Comm. Press the F3 key to show the Comm at this time.
  • Targoss: The Comm shows open channels on tabs across the middle.
  • Targoss: Select the Voice channel tab.
  • Targoss: I am going to send a message that will be marked on the Comm with a large green asterisk. The asterisk means I am waiting for you to acknowledge the message before I will continue.
  • Targoss: Double-click the Comm message with the green asterisk to acknowledge it. You can also select the message and press the enter key to acknowledge it.
  • Targoss: I will wait until you acknowledge this message to continue.
  • Targoss: Acknowledge this message if you do not need my help.
  • Targoss: Excellent! Now that we can communicate, let's go over the basics of moving around.
  • Targoss: To walk forward, hold the W key; Shift+W runs forward.
  • Targoss: To walk backward, hold the S key.
  • Targoss: You can sidestep left or right by pressing the A or D keys.
  • Targoss: Try moving around this area to get the hang of it.
  • Targoss: Excuse me; that's a little close. Please back off a little.
  • Targoss: I have dropped a torch on the ground in front of me. Use your hand to pick it up.
  • Targoss: Good job. You can keep the torch; it'll be handy when it gets dark.
  • Targoss: Use the mouse wheel to select the torch as your current item. The current item is shown as a picture at the bottom corner of the scene. That's the item that gets used when you click the mouse.
  • Targoss: Notice that the torch can be selected twice. When the picture of a fire appears next to the torch, it is wielded as a weapon. To attack with a weapon, sight on a target and hold the left mouse button to attack repeatedly.
  • Targoss: Select the other torch position, the one without fire, to use the torch for light. Press the U key to 'use' the torch; this will turn the torch light on and off. A single click with the mouse wheel is another way to use the current item.
  • Targoss: One last thing and then I'll be finished.
  • Targoss: As you travel from place to place, use the Comm to ask about jobs in the area. There is growing demand out there for travellers willing to take a risk.
  • Targoss: My job is done. That is all I can teach you. You are on your own now.



  • Many veteran players think of slaughtering Targoss and using his remains for their first flag as an honoured tradition. This also provides a Steam achievement.
  • Targoss is voiced by Haxus.