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Quality Descriptors
Descriptor Quality
Flawed 1 - 34
Bad 35 - 74
Poor 75 - 114
Fair 115 - 154
Good 155 - 194
Fine 195 - 224
Superb 225 - 244
Excellent 245 - 254
Perfect 255

The quality, also known as simply Q or QL, of an object is a measure of how pure/well refined/advanced/etc. that object is.

A quality descriptor helps with easier recognition of quality, as seen on the table.

Low-quality materials will lower the quality of goods made with them. So if you collect Bad Oil, you are likely to produce Bad Plastic and hence Bad Electronic Parts.

Effect of Quality


When commodities are fetched to a construction site or a manufacturing process a quality check is performed. If this quality check fails, the commodity is wasted.

This means that low quality commodities can fail and be wasted when attempting to fetch them. It is therefore always a good idea to opt for better quality resources whenever possible.


The effectiveness of most objects is improved as quality gets higher, this is however not a linear increase.

The range of quality effect goes from .9x at Q1 Flawed to 1x at Q87 Poor to 2.5x at Q255 Perfect. The line follows a curve that rewards the difficulty of achieving very high quality.

Effectiveness bonus from quality.

Effect of Quality Calculation

The scaling is not symmetrical above and below the 1x line, to show the curve. Otherwise that side of the line is pretty flat since it only represents a .1x difference, the worst of it at the very lowest qualities.

Quality Rarity

The rarity of high quality resources is thanks to the generation of the universe. The most common quality is around 128.

Supposedly a "bell shape".

Quality is distributed normally, with a mean of 128 and a standard deviation of 42.3333333.