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2019-04-30 Airport Transporter, Sensor Station, Mail Server

Airport Transporter
Airport transporter will not energize.

Airport transporter is now functional. I created an airport terminal with transporter design and it will be posted to the exchange.

Airport Transporter Operator
Beam options needed when in airport transporter room manned by AI

When in a transporter room in a building, an NPC worker will now appear at the station to operate it for you. They will only appear if the building has at least one worker. Beam options are available when an NPC is at the console.

Airport Sensor Station
Airport requires a sensor to have a transporter. The station doesn't work.

Airport sensor station is now functional.

Light Sprites Bug
Some of the street light sprites don't render when I stand near the guard post by the road in my city.

Fixed a bug caused by a shield base that was under construction. It was painting an invisible shield bubble that clipped the sprites that were painted inside of it, when the viewer was outside of it.

Moon Roads Bug
At a city on a planet, roads visible on the moon circle the moon, but they don't really do that.

Fixed bugs with buildings and roads that crossed the 180 degree E/W seam of their world.

Mail Server Down
Game mail server went down and it wouldn't come back up.

Extensive changes were required in the mail server due to some new requirements in Qt 5.12, related to multi threading and the SQL database.

Production Bug
For example, we have 1 production line with 1 active tool that add production bonus. It stops working when there are 128 workers. If we have 2 bonuses, then it stops working at 64 workers.

Fixed rollover of small integer data type.

Password Email
When you request new password for account, it can be seen through message preview. Would be nice to move string down a bit.

Rearranged password email so the new password appears later in the message.

City Status
And one more idea. What if add something like "morale status" icons for "Cities and Military Bases" window? So in cities list we could fast check if any city has negative morale/distress. Ill make a screenshot as example

Cities and Bases list now shows a status column. It contains a Red/Yellow/Green indicator and the last reported morale number.

Vehicle Hold Key Binding
The default key binding for Hold is not consistent between all vehicles.

All vehicles now use the H key as their default Hold key binding. H was previously the default binding in space fighters to select the next weapon. That was changed to J.

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