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Subforum: Design Studio
Could we get an area (read subforum) on the new forums dedicated to the design studio, as a place where we can talk about the design tools, ask questions or maybe advertise our creations?
Maybe even have it broken down further with a subforum for each designer.
I've always found it weird that a game where designing your own stuff plays such a large role would have no dedicated place for it on its forum.
Deltova - Havenite Shipyards
Definitely a good idea, perhaps a subforum of the Cantina? I guess one very large picture thread that happens to be a place to show off designs might not cut it anymore.

For now, though, the Hazeron Discord has a designer channel for showing stuff off, and a help channel for asking for help! It's at , just to quickly plug it. ;)
I'll do it right now.

If you want to post cool pictures, please do that on the Shores of Hazeron Fans group on Facebook. A lot more people might see them there.
(06-08-2018, 05:46 PM)DFDelta Wrote: Maybe even have it broken down further with a subforum for each designer.

I don't think we need subforums for each designer separately, since they're very very similar in concept, just the requirements are slightly different
What even
Facebook is... alright, but as a humble member of the 18-30 demographic, might I suggest also incorporating other sites, such as Reddit, Tumblr, and Twitter? I know there's already a (mostly inactive) subreddit, but I gobbled up @SoHazeron on twitter (both @hazeron and @shoresofhazeron were taken by people who don't seem to be you) and the urls shoresofhazeron, hazeron, and sohazeron on Tumblr in case you want them.

I understand if that's kind of too much for you on top of being a dev, though. Usually, games have an entire social media staff, or at least one person focused entirely on that. (Dean's been pretty good on keeping the unofficial Discord in order, though!)
That would quickly become a full time job. I just don't have time for it.

I sometimes picture myself as the guy with the big drum and cymbals and horns and harmonica, with a little monkey to hold the tin cup. Only I don't have a little monkey.
For reddit and twitter, probably one of the better strategies (that at least is a usage strategy) is to limit interactions to once a week for the maximum of an hour, and try to post on stuff like #screenshotsaturday or #feedbackfriday (and especially #screenshotsaturday on twitter). See

(Also, you of course want leadins to already created media and linkbacks to website and I guess now the Discord as well. Scheduling so you don't murder your free time is key).
Ok, I hooked up on Discord. That may be my limit for now.

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