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Hazeron Building Volume Calculator

Hazeron Building Volume Calculator
Current Version: V1.0
Created by Tipper (how tf do I get a name change...)

Hello All,

I'm about to dive into the world of building design, and in order to kick that off I created a fairly simple calculator to automatically calculate the building volumes I need to create buildings that correspond to certain population goals.

This sheet is really simple, it has three inputs:
  1. Population Goal
  2. Environment
  3. Floor Area
This sheet lists out the minimum volume required for each allocation in order to have the building have enough jobs to support the population goal.
Without further ado, here is the link to the sheet. I made it on google sheets so that you can access it online and free without needing any additional software:

Explanation of the Inputs:
Population Goal - The population goal of the building, if you're trying to make a set of buildings that can support 50k people, type 50k here.

Environment - What environment will these buildings be in? I recommend either Habitable or Everywhere. Habitable buildings require no life support or additional framework, and Everywhere require the most but they can be built on any planet in the universe.

Floor Area - I plan to use this to create a "core" of the building that will be either a square or hexagon and simply extrude it up into the sky, then create a mesh around it to make it look pretty. The floor area here is the area of the extrusion, you'd type in the "Extrusion Height" when creating the Hull of the building to get the area. This isn't an exact science since it appears that Building Volume isn't exactly accurate - a 10mx10mx100m building creates 8k building volume instead of 10k. So I just added a 1.3x engineering factor the whole thing and called it a day. Feel free to investigate this inaccuracy more, but you're really splitting hairs at that point..

I haven't actually started buildings, but I'm fairly sure the math in this sheet is right. If you do use it and run into any problems, post them below and I'll work to update the sheet.

It would be fairly easy to add functionality for the non-population related buildings, but I'd rather get this out into the ether than work on it forever - so let me know if y'all would want to see that.
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Nice tool Tipepr!

Well done.
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