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2020-08-14 Free to Play, Dimensions, Gold

Free to Play
Shores of Hazeron is now completely free to play. There are no restrictions on features and accounts do not expire.

All accounts that were inactive are now active.

What is on the other side of the omega discontinuity?

I started working on the part of the universe on the other side of the omega discontinuity, as part of a story. A different set of games rules apply there, as with the conflict zone and neutral zone. This led me to change the names of these areas, to indicate that different rules of the universe apply there. These are now considered to be different dimensions of theĀ universe.
  • War Dimension - Formerly the conflict zone. This is where players can wage war against other players.
  • Peace Dimension - Formerly the neutral zone. This is where players are safe from attack by other players (but not pirates).
  • Earth Dimension - Contains the Milky Way galaxy.
Gold is needed for a story that involves the Earth dimension.

Commodities were added:
  • [Image: c_GoldOre.png]Gold Ore
  • [Image: c_Gold.png]Gold
  • [Image: c_GoldRing.png]Gold Ring
  • Gold Hull Module
Gold only exists naturally in the Earth dimension.

Commodity Icon Changes
I don't like some of the basic commodity icons.

Updated some commodities. This changes their appearance on the terrain, as an icon, and when an item of the commodity is seen (on the ground or in the item inspect window).
[Image: c_Ore.png]Ore - The old icon and texture look like it had gold in it.
[Image: c_Minerals.png]Minerals - My grandson thought the old icon looked like the poop emoji.
[Image: c_Coal.png]Coal - The old icon was too black. RGB(0,0,0).

So what does free-to-play mean for the game? Are subscriptions gone entirely, and do you have any ideas or plans to monetize the game?

Since subscriptions were a way to regulate land/decay, what are the new rules? Decay will cease to be with the current land rules, and that might not be sustainable but some players have desired to come across derelict empires in their travels. Maybe it suits the players who always have a "Hazeron Phase", who regularly return to the game between long breaks.

Last, Will there be anything for players that had ongoing subscriptions?

Reboot universe 3 please^_^

Well shit.
Rip i again guess. maybe.
[Image: 9y84Ax7.png]

Quote:monetize the game?
At present, I have no plan to monetize the game. I'll keep fiddling with it as long as it is fun. Perhaps an opportunity will present itself along the way.

Quote:new rules?
There have been no rules changes. Since accounts never become inactive, buildings will not decay at all. When this becomes a problem, measures will have to be taken.

Quote:players that had ongoing subscriptions?
Some people already paid for game time that is now free play time.

If you want a refund, send email and we'll accommodate you.

Otherwise, thank you for the donation.

(08-14-2020, 08:49 PM)Haxus Wrote: Otherwise, thank you for the donation

You are welcome.

Can you setup a patreon haxus?

I think the new resource icons are indistinguishable.

I will check into Patreon.

I do not want a refund. However I am very glad to see a return to F2P. Should help grow the playerbase again.

Is there somewhere to donate to the project?
Oh... on reading that again, it is worrying.

Posted to the Shores of Hazeron SubReddit and the Shores of Hazeron Steam Group.

Haxus, i believe you own the Facebook group. Remember to post there too.
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