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2020-03-19 Bug Fixes

Exchange Designs
A player could not unpublish a design after they changed empires.

Architects always have access to their own designs now, regardless of publish terms. They can see them listed in the exchanges and they can use them to make buildings and spacecraft.

Buy Tools = Technology?
I issued a mission order to buy tools. The mission order and the officer say they are buying "Technology".

I set up a shipment of tools at a broker. It had a pistol for an icon.

Fixed a table of data that was broken during housecleaning at the reset.

University Graduate
When a university has a graduate ready to become an officer, it is not mentioned in the city report.

Fixed missing notification of university graduate ready for deployment as officer.

Officer Log Big Icons
I received a ship's log from an officer. Some of the icons in the mission orders list are too big.

Fixed icon size in mission order lists.

Star Map Glitch
When I select a system to look at, then zoom in all the way, it disappears.

Fixed near clip bug in star map.

Cryo Travellers Boarded
"5 cryo travellers boarded the ship. They were a mix of ." The message is incorrect. The roster shows 5 cryo travellers with a valid species.

Fixed error constructing cryo traveller boarding result message.

Uniform Color Selection
Male and female crew members choose different colors for their uniforms. The men wear blue and the women wear red. I am male and I like the red one. :/

Rearranged uniform color selections. When crew are boarded onto a ship, they equip themselves from the inventory of the town they are departing. Their first choice of clothing is a uniform, in the following order of preference.

Officer preferences: white, gold, grey, black, red, blue, teal, pink, orange, green, brown, grey bdu, khaki bdu, olive drab bdu.

Crew preferences: blue, red, teal, pink, black, grey, gold, white, orange, green, brown, khaki bdu, olive drab bdu, grey bdu.

Troop preferences: olive drab bdu, grey bdu, khaki bdu, brown, green, orange, red, blue, teal, pink, black, grey, gold, white.

Airport EV Suits
I needed a new EV suit in a toxic environment. I expected to find some at the airport terminal, seemed logical. There were none.

Airport terminals now import EV suits and helmets, just the basic ones. Military air terminals import all kinds of EV suits.

In the process of changing this, I noticed that military bases were not importing the Metal EV Suits; they were importing Metal EV Helmets and suits and helmets of all other materials, just not the metal suit. This was fixed.

Spacecraft Crushed By Atmosphere
I have been using the Basic Design with the ballistic turret to get my empire going. I landed on a planet and the ship was destroyed by high atmospheric pressure. It has a streamlined hull.

Fixed code that was inducing atmospheric damage on ships when the pressure was very high. It now only applies to unstreamlined spacecraft. Atmospheric streamlining (and stronger) is sufficient for all atmospheric pressures.

Atmospheric Pressure Damage
My avatar is damaged in high atmospheric pressure environments even though I am wearing an environment suit.

Fixed error testing for atmospheric pressure damage on avatar. The test was not checking for a suit.

Moon Helicopters
Buildings on a moon will fetch helicopters. :/

Buildings will no longer fetch helicopters if the air pressure at their location is too low for a helicopter to fly. It is possible that buildings in biodomes will import helicopters.

I am now having a frustrating issue with the starmap.

Even when using the selection tool to limit stars by a sector, clicking on a star keeps selecting different stars nowhere near the one I am trying to select, no matter how I rotate, and this issue is consistent between both computers I use for hazeron.

The issue appears to be related to the zoom. While still a bit of a pain, the further out I zoom the easier it is to select it, while zooming up to a group of stars makes it impossible to select one where they should be, but rather have to run my curser around the area to see when the name pops up, often in empty space an inch or so away.

The selection bug is fixed. It will be in the next client update.

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