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2020-03-17 Server Update, Big Flags

Server Update
The sync changes caused serious trouble on the servers.

The servers appear to be stable again.

An inexplicable random crash was introduced by the sync changes. It was one of those that corrupts some data that results in a crash later, very difficult to find.

It took over my whole world last week. Various solutions were attempted. The update on Friday appeared to eliminate the random crash but it was replaced by a random deadlock instead.

We had a lot to do this weekend. I could do little more than check on the servers periodically and restart the ones that locked.

The storm ended. Servers finally stopped crashing and deadlocking yesterday. What a battle, hard to describe.

Updated clients are building as I write this. The current client is still compatible with the server. The client updates will be posted as they finish building.

Big Flags
Flags on buildings are sized incorrectly if they exceed 64x64 pixels.

Updated flag rendering code to be immune to flag dimensions. Client update is required for this fix.

I like to imagine a diligent programmer such as yourself in the role of Sisyphus, pressing higher and higher only to be set back once near the top.

And then there's that quote I love.

"The struggle itself toward the heights is enough to fill a man's heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy."

^^Look at this shitposter all grown up now :')

Speaking of Sisyphus, I have found another boulder for poor Haxus to roll up the hill! It seems there is a possible memory leak in the spacecraft designer.

I have been trying to complete the 'refresh obstructions' stepĀ all day but it basically runs for an hour, accruing more and more memory, until it has the full 16GB of my system and then is inevitably forced to crash. The design is large, but I have seen larger in-game and it shouldn't be a problem in theory... It only successfully completes when I scale down significantly, and even then it still takes quite a while to complete.

Edit: Made a bug report post for it too

(03-19-2020, 03:40 AM)OnePercent Wrote: ^^Look at this shitposter all grown up now :')

Being a butt all the time is boring tbh

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