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2020-02-06 Explosions, Exploits, Asteroids, Server Lag

Wait, we can have livestock posts on new spacecraft? Do they serve a purpose yet?
We are the Dreadknought Conspiracy. Please discard all further questions.

Just to be clear, the final net change to design limits was as follows. This applies to buildings and spacecraft.

Control stations limited to 10 per type.

Turrets limited to 30.

Livestock posts do not currently serve a purpose on spacecraft.

Personally I'd like citizen posts on spaceships/stations to be unbound from citizen berths and set to as large a fixed number as feasible. They shouldn't eat up much server/client ressources as they're just passive seats, so a large number like 60 or 80 should be possible, right?
I like to place large observation decks, wardrooms and such on spacecraft and space stations and I'd like to make as many of the seats in them useable as I can, purely for astetic value.

I have no problem with any of the other existing and/or suggested limitations.
Deltova - Havenite Shipyards

You are correct. Lots of citizen posts do not present a problem. I will increase the limit for them to 100.

A little more digging showed that buildings already had a limit of 6 turrets per building, so I removed the change there. I like 6 a lot more than 30 on a building.

That means I don't really know what is wrong with the design that was referenced in the bug report. It is possible the bug report was made before the limit of 6 turrets was imposed.

Server Lag
Some servers started working hard recently. Players are reporting laggy servers.

I discovered a handful of buildings, each with 9000+ troops standing around. One of them was a grocery.

I deleted the troops. I am searching for the cause.

This may have been hidden by some troop suicide logic that was disabled recently. Instead of quietly dying, those troops are piling up. It is best to find the cause and not just have them suicide again.

Troop spawn bug fixed. Excess troops will be removed by this change.

Servers restarting.

Fixing the strategic turret limit and unlocking the non-functional sitting-place limit seems to be exactly the right approach.

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