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2020-01-30 Server Lockup, Star Map, Sky Box, Biodomes, Platforms

Server Lockup
A server locked in an infinite loop while applying a texture in the designer.

Fixed texture function to prevent infinite loop.

Star Map
OpenGL star map causes Hazeron Commander to fail when run on a computer with low OpenGL capability, even if the star map is not displayed.

Hazeron Commander now uses the old star map widget, which is drawn using the paint system instead of OpenGL.

Sky Box
Sky box appearance degrades at higher resolution. The stars in the sky are lost. The milky way of the galaxy fades away.

Worked on the sky box. Adjusted textures. Fixed particle scaling factors. The appearance is more consistent between different resolution choices now.

Sky Box Gone
Sky box is not rendered at all when you are in an area of empty sectors.

Sky box now drawn even when there are no solar systems in the supersector, that being the 3x3x3 box of sectors centered at your location.

Citizen Birth Rate
Citizen birth rate is not affected by morale.

Adjusted the affect of morale on birth rate.

Avatar DNA
Someone requested the ability to try the generation 4 DNA editor without being on line or having to give up an avatar slot.

Added a DNA button to the dialog of options when entering the Designer and Primeval World. This replaced the skin and hair color buttons.

Command Station Works When Broken
The command station still works even when it is broken. I can switch to other stations.

Command station now must be operational to enable switch to other stations.

Barracks Inventory
Barracks do not import any inventory. This would be helpful for supplying troops.

Previously, only the HQ imported inventory for the base. Now the barracks will do so also. This adds to the pool of supplies available for outfitting troops.

Troop Equipment Upgrade
City troops never upgrade their equipment? I thought they did periodically.

Troops in cities will perodically (hourly) upgrade their equipment from the base's supplies.

Trade with Citizens
I wanted to trade with this citizen like an indigenous. He was holding a yummy looking bottle of wine.

Townspeople will now trade what they have for money and other items, on the Voice channel, just like indigenous.

Biodomes on Platforms
Biodomes don't work on flying platforms. i tried to place a building in one but it thought it was frigid conditions.


Demolish Biodome on Platform
I could not demolish a biodome from an aerial platform.

Fixed error that prevented destruction because it thought the aerial platform was inside the biodome.

Capitol and Police Buttons
there's not actually any feedback on not being able to build capitol or police station w/o flag

The buttons to build a Capitol and a Police Station no longer disappear when they are unavailable. Instead, they are disabled and a tool tip explains why.

Cannot Throw Stuff Away
When a building has a supply of stuff I don't want, there is no easy way to get rid of it. You have to demolish the building and make another one.

Added a Trash button to the Building window. If you are in the chain of command of the building, you can discard anything in its inventory.

Stations Report Contacts
Stations should report enemy contacts.

Stations that have no officer now report their event log to a city to be included in its city report. Stations look for the closest city in their empire in the solar system, to send the information.

When a station has an officer, the officer includes that information in his report. It is not sent to any city in that case.

Demolish on Platform
Cant easily demolish buildings on aerial platforms

Fixed building demolisher to find things on platforms better.

Crew Stuck in Hull
I have seen crew get stuck in the hull of the ship. When this happens, they look dark, I suppose because they are lit according to exterior lighting conditions.

Crew or troops who get stuck in the hull of their own ship will now teleport to their berth or station.

Fleet Communications
I hailed some fleet ships and tried interacting with them. There were problems getting them to answer hails and to report their status.

Fixed various problems with talking to fleet ships. This generally applies to company ships as well.

Sensor Spam
Sensor operator sometimes spams the same message repeatedly.

Fixed sensor operator to avoid repeating.

Exchange Spam
Have you checked spacecraft blueprint exchange? It is possible to spam it.

Blueprint exchange now requires designs from the same architect, that are in the same state, to have unique names. In other words, an architect may not publish more than one design or assembly into the exchange that has the same name, without removing the old one first.

Fly Into Sun
I destroyed the city, but it's still in my star map. My ship wants to fly into the sun when I tell it to orbit over the vanished city.

Change pilot behavior when they are ordered to orbit over a city but the city does not exist when they arrive.

Zero G Rooms
The up orientation in zero G rooms aligns to the exterior gravity affecting the ship. It would be better if it aligned to the ship or to the room's up vector. That would make life for NPCs a lot better in gravity wells of ships.

Fixed up vector orientation in zero G rooms.

System Names
Systems names do not show when I sit at the command station. There is a button but it does nothing.

Fixed system name visibility when at a station.

Silverwill is the bug tracker that I use. It needs some changes and minor bug fixes.

Spent about a day giving some attention to Silverwill. It's so much nicer now.

Very nice changes! Barracks, troop gear, trash, comms, good stuff.

Ah good old Silverwill got a tune up.

Haxus, you are a wizard. This is Inkar Border Region galaxy from far away

[Image: Shores-of-Hazeron-2020-01-31-00-17-47.png]

Haxus, I was wondering if you had any thoughts on my suggestion about infrastructure projects and world volume.

The "useless" volume from these projects is a real limiting factor on smaller worlds.

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