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2020-01-17 Star Map, Seamless Sky Box

Star Map
Star map draws slowly.

Recreated the star map display widget using OpenGL.

Removed star map density control.

Fixed various minor bugs with the star map.

Increased size of explored sprite in empty sectors, so they stand out a bit better.

Seamless Sky Box
The corners and edges of the sky box are distracting. Sometimes they are very visible.

The sky box is now seamless. The fix resulted from changes to the way the cloudy background of the galaxy is rendered.

Looks cool! I noticed that player position indicator shifts from real position if move or turn around camera or if focus on distant system. Didnt test yet how it behaves when moving through galaxy

[Image: Screenshot-338.png]
[Image: Screenshot-339.png]

And again. That looks super cool!

Are you able to right click a system to view a system scan or observatory report? They aren’t working on my test Windows box but work fine on Linux.

Wow, it's so cool! Amazing!

I can do that, I think.

Could you make the WASD movement step relative to your zoom level? When you're very zoomed out it feels as if you can't move around easily.

Or maybe add a "focus here" option when you right click on an empty bit of space. Or both.

(01-18-2020, 03:31 AM)Haxus Wrote: Star Map

It looks really nice for sure. But I have had to disable "Explored" systems so systems aren't all teal (I had it turned off before too).
Would be nice if all systems in range of an empire airport and explored were highlighted.

Systems with multiple empire cities get the wrong colors.
For example, a system with both enemy and friend cities has all city names appear red.

Also the name search window could really use a "select all" button, so I don't have to click every entry in the search result just to select all results on the starmap.
Hazeron Forum and Wiki Moderator

Quote:player position indicator shifts from real position

This is fixed, pending next client update.

The marker is offset in X due to a screen aspect ratio error.

Thank you Dean. I will take care of those things.

Great work!

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