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2019-12-03 Abandonment and Decay

will officers or demi-avatars count towards that visitation?

(i think it would be a bad idea, personally.)

Officers do not count. Demis do not count unless they are on line.

Designation of cities means that the size of your empire is limited to 50. Using home sectors, the size of your empire grows as the number of actual players in the empire grows.

Designation is simply a process of declaring your home.

I won't rush to make changes.

Just wanted to say I agree with 50 systems per avatar! It seems very reasonable, and the decay in general should help to clear out a lot of the abandoned buildings/cities that are around
What even

A Trade transaction should be created to exchange this for that. As long as the destination has a corresponding trade transaction, the brokers can conduct the trade when they have accumulated the materials.

This would enable brokers to conduct inter empire trade. This might help the smaller empires to acquire the materials they need/want.

I was thinking 50 systems per empire. Or maybe 10 per avatar.

Just need to think of a good way for an avatar to manage their ten designated systems. It could just be a page on the Bio window.

50 per empire would probably lead to each avatar making their own empire, so i vote 10 per avatar instead

Yeah I'm with Minty on this, 50 per empire would just encourage me to make 6 empires, one on each alt, especially if inter-empire trading is enabled, so 10 per avatar sounds better

(Also I think the bio page and/or starmap would be a good way to manage designated systems! Maybe even the Cities tab on the governance window?)
What even

with all of these changes, i think its worth noting that youve now built an amazing trial account possibility - one avatar, for free, that can only designate one system to be loaded, ever.

I would rather it not be an item, but perhaps a new tab in the empire management page. Protect system button, then the system gets a new status "Protected by X" X being the avatar.
Each avatar would have their own protection count listed above the empire management window somewhere as a "N/Max Systems protected"

It should be able to be setup remotely, from any capital building in the empire.

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