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Leadphalanx's Star Trek & Other Textures

I still have some textures I need to find and re-tune from my old packs, sorry it is taking so long.  I'm also working on more general building textures when I have time.
Gonna break it into multiple posts I guess since there's a 10 image limit per post.

If you have a request, let me know and I'll try to make it happen (keep in mind I'm not so good with organic stuff).  

[Image: wHT8hsD.png] [Image: q3YYpdc.png]
[Image: mSPBPfS.png] [Image: Wrqjwgc.png]
[Image: zGdjPkk.png] [Image: kNyPpXZ.png]

[Image: eZKSFHb.png] [Image: AFnOY4S.png]
[Image: bfXPwg5.png] [Image: Gag72Mg.png]
[Image: SrAFmNy.png] [Image: 9lFZxKC.png]
[Image: NASGhSw.png] [Image: Q3lboaN.png]
[Image: XNNMALo.png][Image: OGStwVZ.png]

General/misc ship stuff:
[Image: w96ABGH.png] [Image: LMKkBYo.png]
[Image: Pc6e0ld.png] [Image: ke7Pno3.png]
[Image: 4hjI9GE.png][Image: cv5u0HE.png]

Building textures:
[Image: xRXqLQd.png] [Image: TqAaFPr.png]
[Image: pW4bSQD.png] [Image: iwFhhsX.png]

Been a while since I did any work on these, but decided to do some experimenting today. These two textures are actually renders of 3d versions I put together in Blender and painted in Substance painter, results so far are looking good. I do realize the Romulan wall may need to be a bit more brown, I'm slightly color blind so it's difficult to match.

[Image: 8yeDfIW.png] [Image: 2HQzMYz.png]

You provided me that hex plate texture a while back, and I use it often. It makes very nice hull plating.

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