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Building Code Improvements
Right now the building code, the building type requirements listed in the new-style designer, is very confusing to read. This is my biggest issue with the new-style designer right now, and we also get many many questions about how to make morale buildings designs work correctly.

[Image: 2018-07-22_14_37_37-Window.png]

It lists things as "Ok", "No", or "x Required". But it doesn't actually say if the things add anything to the specific building type.

I would very much like a another column to give a short note about what each thing actually does for the building type. I suspect a lot of the things to just be "Ignored", but some things like homes and lounges can still work. So such things as "adds homes", "adds lounges", "adds workshops", "adds morale satisfaction", and "adds jurisdiction range" would be useful indicators.
Hazeron Forum and Wiki Moderator
Seconded. On a spaceship, trying to place a livestock post tells you it's useless, which is good. It would be a big quality-of-life improvement for information on all these kinds of effects to be transparent in the designer.
I think "ignored" could be added to the existing "no/ok/required" column.
Seconded the addition of a third column that gives a short outline of the caused effect ("adds homes") when the second column is ok or required.

I'd also like it if the nomenclature of the designer and the exchange would be made the same. Designer and the help file state, for example, that added auditoriums increases range, but the exchange lists manufacturers, professionals and service. This is confusing as hell.

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