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Multiple Weapon Emitters
If your weapon emitter is at the front of the ship, and you face the enemy, everything looks fine. If he ducks behind you, your shot comes out of some weird point on the back of your ship. A bit immersion-breaking.

Shields already divide the ship's orientation into "facings". Suggestion: define up to 6 emitter points for a weapon, based on target facings. The Enterprise, from Star Trek, has multiple phaser banks on the saucer. If the Klingons are behind you, the weapon emits from a phaser bank behind the bridge. If they're to the left, it comes from the left bank. The same weapon can fire in any direction, so you lose no effectiveness compared to the present. No more terrifying laser beams cutting straight through your own captain's cabin.

Ultimately, this could work with custom firing arcs, but the 6 pre-existing facings seem like an easy start.


I looked at the Macross on the gallery. So many turrets. Would be nice if multiple aesthetic turrets could turn to face your aim point and fire multiple shots, while being part of the same system!
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