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Refineries on aerial platform
Unable to harvest cryozine using refineries on aerial platform that in in atmosphere of gas giant. Other resources such as air and hydrogen can be harvested. Cryozine is present.
Probably same happens with ioplasma too
Is this related to the atmospheric density, perhaps? Is this true at every depth? Is it that the percentage abundance, when applied to modified atmospheric density, is just too low to harvest anything?

Air and hydrogen have very high percentages, of course.
There is no option to set cryozine or patent research for it. Like if refinery was placed in world with standard atmosphere
Oh I see. Does it matter what kind of environment void you use on the platform?
If platform has habitable void like biodome then refineries wont be able to harvest any atmosphere resource if i understand correctly. I tested further and placed refinery on gas giant sea surface (yes, you can, like drilling rigs). Same result: air and hydrogen are fine but no cryozine
Seeing the same issue on my gas giant aerial platform.

I was however able to build a treatment plant that can harvest Myrathane and Flomentum, which seems like something that should only be possible in the more liquid parts of the gas giant.
I guess I wouldn't be against treatment plants working on a floating platform. But currently I think floating platforms on a gas giant look weird.
See: (Idea thread) Gas Giants feel too much like Ocean Worlds
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