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2018-06-22 Power Plants, Ship Yards
Power Plants
In old cities, most power plants do not require plastic. It seems that all new style power plants require plastic. This changes the technology requirement significantly for new players.

Changed the construction requirements so only the nuclear power plant requires plastic. That matches old style cities, which did require plastic for nuclear power plants. I also reduced the amounts of things needed to build power plants.

Existing power plant designs will likely need to be finalized again to benefit from these changes.

Shipyard Vehicle Placement
A ship yard put the boat out in space where I could not get to it, way up above the water.


Construction Blueprints Filter
A filter was added to the construction window, to limit the contents of the combo box. It is minimal. If you want to filter on other criteria, tell me what they are.

Misc Buildings
Blueprints were added to the exchange for a few miscellaneous buildings.
  • Airport Radar
  • Aircraft Factory
  • Hydroelectric Power Plant
  • Ship Yard
I built hydroelectric and coal power plants, without finalizing the designs over. The construction window said they would need lots of plastic but the construction process did not require it.

So existing designs do not have to be finalized again to benefit from the changes. It is desirable to finalize them again, so the proper quantities of plastic show up on the analysis report and on the construction window.

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