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Wrong Resawn Order With Invalid Ship
My spacecraft was either in stasis or its life support system disabled, so I can't respawn to it. This is intended and excepted behavior.

However, I also have a home city declared. I would expect that to be the destination when I try to recall to an invalid ship. However, instead it is respawning me in random cities because I don't have a capital city.

Excepted order:
  1. Spacecraft berth
  2. Home city
  3. Empire capital city
  4. Random empire city
  5. Village of current habitable world
  6. A random empty habitable world

Also, it is impossible to close my helmet visor in time when loading in. Would be nice if respawning in a harsh environment would more reliably place me inside the building or maybe close my helmet visor (if the environment seal is intact). Could also just give a temporary invincibility until the avatar moves, so we don't start dying before having a chance to address the situation.
Died 3 times as my character kept respawning on random harsh environment worlds while my helmet visor was open.
Shores of Hazeron Wiki Moderator User: Deantwo

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