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Deep Deep Underground Military HQ Exploit
It is possible to flatten a mountain to sea-level, build a military HQ, and then remove the grading so it is impossible for an attacker to reach and damage it.

There is a good example of this on Tail V, a base named "dEaD FOx".
[Image: 2019-06-13_23_09_34-Window.png]
I detonated a bomb on surface before realizing how far down the actual building is.
The building you can see is an airport that is next to the crater. The actual military HQ is deep deep underground below the crater. You can only ever see it by clipping into the ground.

I requested that Mr. Mortius remove his crappy exploited base from my homeworld. So not sure how long it will stay.
Shores of Hazeron Wiki Moderator User: Deantwo
The bunker is 100m below ground level, per designer rules. Maybe if Dean tried using the game features, instead of flying around in a Q1 old-style ship, he would be less flummoxed by basic features like bunkers and more inclined to use them himself. He might even be able to resist an invasion then. Calling game features exploits though is pretty funny, especially when the base is not beyond the reach of any rocket launching turret, main weapon bay, fighter dropping bombs, or many other methods. He just didn't want to put in the effort trying.
Yeah, I could in fact dig my way down to the military HQ with a total of 6 bombs. The next issue is then actually destroying it, which is looking pretty damn impossible without an actual ship.

(06-13-2019, 11:02 PM)Mr. Mortius Wrote: The bunker is 100m below ground level, per designer rules.

Designer rules state that there has to be some of the structure on the surface of the building site. You literally buried it using terrain shaping.

But yeah, it isn't a big issue now that I tested it. I had understood it as craters having a maximum depth they could reach.

Yeah I was able to destroy it with my ship. I can accept that I couldn't damage it with my bombs and laser rifle, but it being buried was not fun or intended.
Shores of Hazeron Wiki Moderator User: Deantwo

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