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City Planner Spreadsheet
[Image: PnT2kEU.png]

The City Planner spreadsheet is an easy to use utility for determining the housing and commodity requirements of a new city. Simply select your planet's diameter, then fill in the rest of the boxes where necessary.

Pro Tip: For the savvy individuals, I've devised a Google Apps Script which automatically calculates the best housing ratio for Condominiums and Apartments. The script will function normally when accessing the spreadsheet from the link below, but will break upon making a copy (File -> Make a Copy). To fix this, simply access the script (Tools -> Script editor), then run the "sheetTrigger" function (Run -> Run function -> sheetTrigger). You may need to give authorization for the script to run. If this happens, select "Review Permissions". A pop up should appear which asks you to select your Google account. After doing so, it will give you a warning saying "This app isn't verified". To proceed, click Advanced, then "Go to Apartment Condo Ratio Calc (unsafe)". The next screen will review the required permissions. If you are comfortable running the script after reviewing this page, click "ALLOW".

Note: I can make this process simpler and safer by getting the script approved as an Add-on for Google Sheets. To do so requires I pay Google, and I don't currently have the spare funds for this. Anyone who finds this spreadsheet helpful and is able to donate may do so here. Thank you in advance for your generosity and support.

City Planner Spreadsheet:

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