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April In Review
I'm always wanting more Hazeron news so here it is, a monthly news post about Hazeron.

Shores of Hazeron : April in Review

The month of April for Hazeron has brought us a number of changes. Many small some large.
Starting on the firsts there where two updates posted, and though one was a cruel joke from Deantwo, we did a true update in the first of mostly bug fixes. From here a theme of Bug fixes continued through most the month removing bugs new and old such as the Patent Bug, which caused patents for gathering from atmosphere to be very skewed, and the 'Hulls in Hulls' Exploit that allowed ships to have more volume than reality and appear "bigger on the inside."

Moving into the middle of the month we started getting some new content, Roads gained measuring tools, TEUs could be picked up from brokers, buildings got displayed on helmet radars, and buildings started getting working stations. Along side this we saw a massive cut of old content as old cities where removed from the game. Some where able to be replaced with new style roads and capitals but many vanished completely from the game's universe.

Closing out the month was My personal favorite of the updates, and the one I'm rewarding as Update of the Month for April, City Status Report Icon. A small change in such a vast game, but a long needed one. Allows you to at a glace see the status on any city or base. This minor feature is a major change in managing a large empire.

State of the game:
Shores of Hazeron has suffered from low populations for quite some time averaging about 5 players over the month and maxing at 10 April is looking up from the max of 8 last month.

Unfortunately for most of the month mail servers where down which made tactical reports unavailable as well as captain logs. On the flip side of that news, Mail servers are back up and functional at this time.

On the political side of the game the top 5 for the conflict zone remain unchanged for the month, with the month ending with Reaume del Seint Graal at 5th with 49 worlds, Foxtail with 51 worlds at 4th, Solstice holding 100 worlds in 3rd, Sith being 2nd with 134, and lastly at the top of the leader board with 16 galaxies, 276 sectors, 456 solar systems and an amazing 1,060 worlds we find Weltreich in 1st.

That's about all for this month. Fell free to add anything I may have missed below and I'll try to get any changes in those areas out next month.
(05-02-2019, 05:19 PM)Oggal Wrote: a cruel joke from Deantwo,

Yeah, it was bad, but at least I did more than last year. ^^;
I'll have to try better next year.
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