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Power Plant Prevent Military HQ Demolition/Destruction
Power plants that aren't part of a city prevent the demolition/destruction of a Military Headquarters.
It supposed to treat non-city power plants as belonging to the base, but are they suppose to count as military buildings?

Having to demolish my power plants just to move/replace the Military Headquarters is gonna be kinda distributive. This is mainly an issue because you can place these "military power plants" before you place the Military Headquarters.
I have a number of non-city power plants on my world, and only just placed a Military Headquarters, but I did a mistake and can't bulldoze it without first removing the power plants.

See also: (Suggestion thread) Move/Replace Capitol and HQ

Workaround: You can bulldoze the power plants using the bulldoze Military Headquarters' interface, but you will still lose the power plants that you might have to replace.
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