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2019-03-27 Pirates, Bugs
Citizens Not Working
It was reported that citizens randomly seem to do no work at all.

Fixed a bug when employing/unemploying citizens.

Troops Spawn and Die
Troops appear at post points of buildings. Sometimes those posts are outside and the building is in a harsh environment. If a troop spawns there without an environment suit, it dies, then another spawns and dies, then another.

Troops no longer spawn at troop posts in a harsh environment if the town's inventory does not have a helmet and suit that will protect them.

Static Displayed Items
I clicked on an officer log on static display. Then, on the item manipulator, I clicked the button to show its detailed information. The simple window used to display the information does not scroll and the info is very long.

The item details button on the item manipulator window now uses the item inspector window, the same one that is used when you inspect an item in your inventory. That window shows the description text a lot nicer and it also includes a 3D image of the item that can be rotated and magnified.

Crew Attack Base/City Snafu
I orbited over a pirate base. My crew, in offensive posture, gleefully attacked the enemy base below. Unfortunately, they decided to destroy the HQ first. The HQ cannot be destroyed until all other military buildings are destroyed. I set them to berserk. They attacked a civilian building, which could not be destroyed due to the presence of the military buildings.

Bay weapon gunners and turret gunners no longer target buildings that cannot be destroyed due to game rules.

Pirate Bases Grow
Pirate bases were incomplete in the previous update.

Pirate bases now grow by adding more buildings. The number of buildings is limited by pirate empire difficulty. They also build some roads, to help interconnect their buildings.

Designer Bold Description
Little typo here. In designer, if you type in some description, whole remaining text will be bold

Fixed html error when formatting the description of a blueprint.

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