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2018-06-11 Server Deadlock, Indigenous Punishers
Server Deadlock
Server deadlocked today when I shot a crewman while many other crew were going to their stations.

Fixed a deadlock that happened when a dead body dropped an item while a turbo lift was attempting to relocate its contents to the next stop.

This was the primary reason for the update today.

Buildings Overlap Too Much.
In the last update, new buildings were prevented from being placed if the origin point of the building fell within the site of an existing building. That still allowed some pretty generous overlaps.

Changes in this update prevent a building's origin point and the center point of its overall site extents from falling within the site of an existing building. Also, in reverse. That is, the origin point and site center points of existing buildings cannot fall within the proposed site of a new building.

This change has no effect on existing buildings that overlap. They will continue functioning as they did before this change.

Fetch Sunlight Bug
Farms and orchards are supposed to satisfy the sunlight requirement of plant growing processes with electricity. That doesn't seem to work with the new buildings.

Fixed an error that prevented this from working in buildings that had no capacitor space at all.

Indigenous Punishers
When a player kills an indigenous person, the tribe turns against them. Unfortunately, the player respawns in the village when they die and they continuously get slaughtered by angry villagers.

When a player dies on a world, the indigenous of that world now forget they ever knew them.

Multi Worker Process Resource Gathering
Multiple workers at a process gather resources from the environment as if there was only one worker present.

(06-11-2018, 09:40 PM)Haxus Wrote: When a player dies on a world, the indigenous of that world now forget they ever knew them.

Too bad they dont take the players skull when they kill them and mount it on a spear in their village.
Seems this update broke harvesting from atmosphere using refineries. Wind power plants also dont seem to work anymore.
Some of our cities no longer have any air and others are about to run out. Mass decay might happen if this is not fixed quickly.
Nvlheim Imperium
[Image: 574.png]
Aanndd its gone!!
I flew to Denver yesterday to fix server unit 5, which had been dead for a few months. It is back on line now. That trip took the entire day.

I am surprised to hear about the bug, just wish I had read about it sooner. I am working on it now. As soon as I find/fix the problem, I will rollback the database to the backup made just before the change was installed.

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