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Load ERROR opening file in Designer
Something must have changed with blender, I can no longer import 3ds files in the Hazeron designer. The error message is very unclear.
Au3dsGLSLModel::Load ERROR opening file "/&home/user/Documents/Blender/Spaceship/test.3ds"

In the designer, no dialog box pops up, that error is printed to the console. I tried importing an STL of the same model, this time a dialog error box pops up "The file could not be opened."

At first I thought it was an issue with my model, but I tried two different models and had the same issue. I then tried the starting simple cube, and the error persisted. I tried importing them on the windows version of hazeron, same issues albeit no console error message as it was windows. I have added a link to two of the files, a space ship I am working on and the test cube in case they can aid with the testing.

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