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2018-06-01 Suffocation in Turbo Lift, Smoke Lockup, Drop Current Item Button
Suffocation in Turbo Lift
Turbo lift sometimes leaves me behind, suffocating in an empty area of the hull.

This bug is tentatively fixed. I beat it to death on the debug servers until I no longer suffocated in the turbo lift. We'll see if this works on the public servers.

The bug could have caused a number of strange desync problems, such as...
  • Leaving orbit in a ship and suddenly finding your ship inside the planet, or sun.
  • Entering a vehicle and finding yourself miles above it, though somehow inside it.
  • Launching a fighter from a spacecraft and suddenly finding yourself at the bottom of the sea.
  • Boarding a sailboat and suddenly finding yourself in orbit, aboard the sailboat.
Drop Item
I found a bunch of random items on static display on a world. I got the impression they were dropped there.

Added a Drop action button to drop the current item. I surmised that a player used the Place button to drop their current item, which didn't really just drop it.

Excessive Building Updates
While examining the turbo lift desync bug, I discovered that new style buildings were triggering way too many updates to the client. This created a lot of unnecessary traffic from server to client on the network, a most precious resource.


Smoke Lockup
Some players reported the client locking up for no apparent reason.

Fixed a thread deadlock while rendering smoke at volcanoes and vents, caused by a recent change.  They smoke continuously now.

On the topics of smoking and suffocating.
It looks like some kind of lockup is still there. I'm unable to control my characters. (Tested two, in different solarsystems.)
After scene load (seems to be complete load), the game goes into lockup, casually grabbing cursor every few seconds, but not allowing any control.

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