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2020-07-07 Gagarin, Ship Contact, Lock/Unlock
Gagarin Should Smile
Yuri Gagarin was famous for his smile. The NPC should smile.

Story engine now has functions for controlling facial expressions of characters.

All story scripts were updated to incorporate facial expressions. These have not been tested. Some tweaking could be needed.

Gagarin Should Say Location
Gagarin should say his lat long so I can find him easier.

Gagarin now states his lat long coordinates when the story begins.

Ship Contact
Sometimes players return after a long time; their ship is gone; and they don't realize it exists and can be recovered. Ship probably should hail whenever you log in, just to welcome you back.

When an avatar logs in, the ship they hold a berth aboard sends a welcome message. The message says the ships location and condition, similar to the reply to a hail.

Hail reply and contact message text was improved. When life support is not working, it now says the consequence of this, that nobody can recall to a berth. When the ship is in stasis, it now says the ship can be recovered at an airport repair shop.

Lock/Unlock Button
The door lock button always says "Lock", even if the door I am looking at is already locked.

Door lock/unlock button now changes based on locked state of the door. The locked icon has a red color, to make the locked state more obvious.

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