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So from what I can tell / read, the reason theres no automated process to resolve limbo (in the case of server crashes etc) is it gives a chance to isolate / trace the issues which I fully respect and understand.

However I've recently been victim to limbo twice in the last 3-4 days. The first was on Saturday, and that wasn't resolved until Monday, and the second was yesterday and it is still unresolved.
Thats about 2.5-3 days I've been unable to play the game.

Would it not be possible to leave the crashed server...well...down to allow for tracing etc, but transfer the associated resources (Systems, characters etc) over to a backup server until the 'real' server is restored? That way it reduces the impact of limbo and allows people to continue playing the game, whilst the causes can be traced.

Because I've been back in the game about 5-6 days now, and about 50% of that time I've been unable to play the game because of limbo. To me it seems quite a serious and frequent issue that needs to be addressed.

Especially over weekends when it may not be addressed until Mondays, where I'd propose biting the bullet and if a crash etc happens on a weekend, just reboot the server automatically (and try to do a output dump or something with as much information as possible) to reduce the impact on players unless there is someone available to immediately look into these issues and address them.


- Limbo seems a very frequent and serious issue (it blocks players from playing the game entirely, and in my experience has happened about 50% of the time I've been back 'playing' this game)
- I suggest a way to reduce the impact of server crashes / limbo by autoamting some sort of process to transfer resources from the crashed / locked server to a temporary backup server until the cause can be traced to reduce the game-time impact of these crashes etc
- Over weekends I suggest that the server automatically reboot (either a daily event, or when it detects a lock / crash / whatever else could cause limbo) since the issue will not be addressed until Monday. Auto-reboot will reduce the impact of limbo on gametime and allow players to continue playing over the weekend (typically, I'd imagine, when most people have freetime)

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