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Production bonuses apply twice per shop (Exponential bonuses)
The formula for output is currently: [ (10 x Shops) + (1 x NumOfBonuses x Shops ^ 2) ] x 2

The expected formula is: [ (10 x Shops) + (1 x NumOfBonuses x Shops) ] x 2

This means with one bonus: 
100 shops will produce at 10x the expected linear output.
1000 shops produce at 92x the expected linear output.
30000 shops produce at 2,728x the expected linear output.

This also causes materials to multiply with smaller and smaller inputs, creating stuff from nothing.

Some examples from Vooker, but I have verified the formula with other processes and additional bonuses:

[Image: Screenshot_174.png]
[Image: Screenshot_175.png]
[Image: Screenshot_176.png]
[Image: Screenshot_670.png]
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This is likely the cause of the More Jobs = Less Produce? bug too. The exponential growth makes it get to such a high value that it rolls over.
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