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Conquest of Solar Systems
We were talking about this a couple weeks ago, and people were talking about it last night too. So lets start a new thread for this.
See also: (Idea thread) Formal War Declaration

I was playing with the idea of instead of declaring war on an empire, since empires is a weird and easily exploitable entity. And cities can be deleted or rebuilt in an instant, such as bulldozing capitol and building a new one. Maybe it would make more sense if you had to declare war on a solar system rather than an empire or city.
A solar system is a place that contains stuff and and it can't be changed (aside from its name). The owner of stuff in the solar system can change at the drop of a hat via surrender mechanics or be bulldozed. But most of the value is the solar system itself.

Example for thought:

An attacker goes to the solar system they want to capture or destroy. They can freely attack all military targets in the solar system, such as; spacecraft, space stations, and military buildings. But they would not be able to harm civilian buildings right away.

In order to target or capture civilian targets, the attacker would have to contest/siege the solar system by removing defender's military presence. Then the spacecraft would have to remain in the solar system for an extended period of time, broadcasting propaganda and such on the hail channel so the inhabitants knows about it.

I am then not sure if it should be like EVE Online's reinforcement timers, or something else. Either way the defender should be able to try and stop it, or decide when the contesting/siege is complete so they can try to defend at that time. When the timer runs out the attacker can destroy or capture any city, building, or world in the solar system for some amount of time.

In the end, this would mean that civilian targets can't simply be destroyed over night. The attacker would have to leave at least one spacecraft in the solar system, preventing them from destroying a whole empire with just one spacecraft over night. The defender has at least a small chance to fight the contesting/siege ship, or mount a defense at the timer's end.

Ok, let whatever else brainstorming begin!
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