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For sake of posterity
It's still the same Staines, he just doesn't play Hazeron anymore. He and most of original syndicate have moved on to other genres. Mostly war games.

I don't remember ever hearing this high pitched version you speak of, perhaps someone trolling in one of your old TS servers?
No, this was in the current Hazeron Discord. I havent had a TS in a long time.
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(06-05-2018, 10:55 PM)SpaceGeek Wrote: -snip-

Yeah, he's been gone for a while. Jack would have more details than me on exactly why/when. I spoke with the current "staines" a few years ago and its clearly not him; obvious teenager with high-pitched English accent. Staines is almost as old as me with a gravelly and very very thick Scottish accent.

I believe Staines wanted the reigns to be passed to someone with more energy for Hazeron than he had after all those years.

I was in a voice channel with Staines roughly a year ago now, and he did not sound like a teenager or have a high-pitched accent. I can't remember his accent too specifically but it was thick and relatively low. He sounded to be in his late 20s to early 30s. I never talked to him years ago, but what I remember more closely matches your description of the real Staines.
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