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[Windows] Manual saving bug

I have a strange bug with saving game with Windows Version.
To be honest I transfer regularly my linux 'Saved Games' to Windows folder, vice versa.

On Windows, when I click to Save, the game says 'Saving Game...' but never says it is complete.
In the Saved Games folder, I see A1001100 and A1010101 files timestamp updated, but I do not see new distinct sA/sU files created.
It is as the game could not create the files. If I quit/restart game, I see the game backup "Current game" is OK.

Auto saving is working as attented, I have Auto saving and Auto save complete messages.

On Linux I have 0 problem.
I just play on windows 10, and I also have an issue with the manual save not working. It used to work a few months ago, then after some update stopped working.
I do not swtich to linux, but I do copy the user folder as a backup, incase the current savegame gets corrupted.

Since the game is releasing in 2 days on Steam, I think this is one of the most important things that needs a fix right now.

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