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Welcome to the Hazeron Wiki.

This wiki provides everything you could ever need to know about Hazeron Starship, the revolutionary space empire simulation by Hazeron Freehold LLC.
You will find help about various themes and mechanics in Hazeron Starship.
We hope you enjoy your visit on this Wiki, which currently holds 662 articles.

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Wiki News
  • Database corruption during a wiki software upgrade has resulted in a rollback to an early 2022 backup.[1] Some information might still be out-of-date, but most critical articles have been restored.
  • The wiki software has been upgraded and the TabberNeue extension has been installed, letting us create organized infoboxes and more.
  • Wiki has been updated to reflect the Building Update changes.
  • The History category has been updated with a lot of old history.
  • A new page for Community Links has been made, share your site or join an existing one!
  • An Indy Tools and Mods page has been created, add your own awesome tools and mods!
Game Updates
Game News
  • Hazeron Starship now supports seasons!
  • Hazeron Starship is out now on Steam![2]
  • Haxus has returned and set the Steam release date for Hazeron Starship to the 1st of December. The store page is here and the forum post is here
  • Hazeron Starship is now integrated with the Steam Workshop! Spacecraft and building designs can be uploaded and accessed there from the in-game exchanges, alongside viewed and rated on Steam's UI as usual.
  • Patents have been removed. There is currently no research system in Hazeron Starship.[3]
  • It is now possible to dive into gas giants and even build colonies.
  • Broker shipments allow commodities to be sent to other solar systems.
  • Underwater colonies are now possible.