Hazeron Starship

Dive In

Diver Dan shows how to play Shores of Hazeron.

Starting as a Cave Man
Haxus October 23, 2017 16:39:02
Meet the indigenous people of your home world.
Stone Age Town
Haxus October 23, 2017 20:44:29
Build the first structures of a new civilization.

Spacecraft Designer

Learn to use the Shores of Hazeron spacecraft designer. The designer is built in; it can be used on line and off line.

Designing a Basic Spacecraft
Haxus October 04, 2017 23:20:42
Texturing the Basic Spacecraft
Haxus October 06, 2017 16:50:09
Adding a Turret to the Basic Spacecraft
Haxus October 06, 2017 20:31:39
Fixing the Hull Door on the Basic Spacecraft
Haxus October 09, 2017 20:23:47
Lighting, Lights and Details on the Basic Spacecraft
Haxus October 09, 2017 22:04:05
Preview the Basic Spacecraft
Haxus October 09, 2017 22:53:23
Finalize and Publish the Basic Spacecraft
Haxus October 09, 2017 22:07:27

Del Rey Station with Interior Door
Haxus October 06, 2017 22:41:06
Adding a Turbo Lift to Del Rey Station
Haxus October 09, 2017 16:11:37
Adding an Integrated Helm Console to Del Rey Station
Haxus October 09, 2017 19:00:07

Scenes of Hazeron

Interesting sights in Shores of Hazeron.

Asteroid Impact
Haxus December 12, 2019 01:38:06
Watch as the large fragments of an asteroid impact the homeworld of Tamunshin.
SoH - Sky
Day night cycle that proceeds through several days. A satellite of a nearby gas giant becomes visible on its last pass.
Hazeron Ringworld Road Trip
A long drive on a ringworld.
SoH - City Building
Building a city at enhanced speed.
SoH - Using Intergalactic Wormhole
He makes it look so easy.
SoH - Using ringworld's stargate
Activation and use of a stargate at a ringworld, starting at the control center.
Shootout aboard an old style space ship.
Morning Missile Barrage
Haxus July 31, 2018 15:40:01
A nice red giant morning to launch a missile attack on an orbiting starship.
Laser Tower
Haxus July 21, 2018 00:32:46
Haxus is shot by a laser tower.
Take Off From Shield Base, Land Aboard Atlantis
Haxus July 10, 2018 16:04:55
Space fighter takes off near a base. Fires at base's shields. Flies up into orbit. Attacks Atlantis' shields. Lands aboard Atlantis. Pilot exits the fighter and takes a turbo lift to the bridge.
Shield Hits
Haxus July 10, 2018 15:24:46
Space fighter makes several passes, firing missiles and energy weapons that are blocked by shields of a starship.
Space Vehicle Launch and Recovery
Turkey Sandvich
Space fighter takes off using the launch system, of a carrier spacecraft. Then it returns to land using the carrier's landing system. Carriers can have multiple launchers and multiple landers. That carrier has two launchers and one lander.
Ringworld Stargate
Haxus June 09, 2018 01:07:41
Viewer is at a ringworld control center. Stargate was just opened. The gate remains open until the shadow panels block the beams.
Moon of Ringed Gas Giant
Haxus June 04, 2018 20:11:29
A large moon orbits close to the rings of its host gas giant, almost as if you could walk out onto the rings. The black smudges in the near distance are bits of clouds in the moon's atmosphere.
Dynamite Crater
Haxus December 19, 2017 23:09:20
See the cratering effect of dynamite. A hapless creature wanders into the scene at the wrong moment. The huge bug splat that blows off to the right of the explosion is a telltale sign of an exoskeltal creature.
Orbit Over Gas Giant
Haxus October 21, 2017 19:25:00
Stately scene of a gas giant from orbit. Binary system. Very dark.