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Full Version: Picture Thread 2.0
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I really enjoyed the last picture thread from the old server. Always fun to see what people are able to find/accomplish/make.

Anyway, I guess I can kick things off with a few of my own pictures.

I wanted to RP a bit. And I decided to take a shuttle down to a planet as an "away" party. But since I didn't have any troops, and wanted to keep my crew crewing.
I decided to venture off on foot. I think the trip was well worth it for this amazing view.
[Image: Fcgxb5O.jpg]

On another moon, around another planet.
My moonbase was going great! With an awesome view of my homeplanet.
That white line on the homeplanet, is my intercontinental highway. All in order to find oil. Which I did find.
[Image: 1g2RKGg.png]

But, unfortunately, I ended up building inside a crater. So I couldn't really see it from the colony itself.
[Image: qqkVBaB.png]

And back to the homeplanet again, even made a map of the intercontinental highway. Which I'm somewhat proud of. :P
[Image: W8XTngX.png]

And this was one of the ships I managed to build. So huge thanks for the author. Whose name escapes me at the moment.
But this Shuttle was able to take me to the moon, and beyond.
[Image: 5S3MUYV.jpg]
Those are awesome. Please post them to our Facebook group.

Not sure how. I tried, but then it just got posted as a comment. And I don't know where my picture went. And then my comment made no sense. lol.

I'm not really a Facebook expert myself either. But feel free to copy them over there if you want to. :P
The view from inside Terran Federation Starship Explorer One's bridge. On our way home. You just barely see in the binary star at the end of the tunnel.

[Image: Xiuxa0E.png]
Using a ramp to spaaaaaace. (also posted on the Hazeron facebook thing because).

[Image: XLvZ2Hb.gif]
Testing hallway opening/closing animation for my Calnus Prototype.

[Image: r5TkRaC.gif]
(06-10-2018, 04:53 AM)Ikkir Isth Wrote: [ -> ]Testing hallway opening/closing animation for my Calnus Prototype.

That's awesome. Wish I could do that!

And that's a very neat looking corridor too.
(06-10-2018, 04:02 PM)Norway174 Wrote: [ -> ]Wish I could do that!
You can do that. It's a simple extrusion and a few tweaks.
My Capitol rising over my mostly barren world.
[Image: mnF910a.png]
That reminds me so much of the citadel in city 17.  That would be a great capitol building, for an alien civilization extracting the resources of a planet at the expense of it's natives.
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