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Full Version: Question on ship design
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Is there any programs out there or any way to download a ship design if I where to find schematics for said ship?  The reason why I ask is because I see in the blueprint archive some ships that I recognize from movies, games etc...?  Where they downloaded also?
Most blueprints on the in-game blueprint exchange have "copy" permission set when published, this means that you can open the blueprint in the designer using the "Open from Gear" option and selecting the media you have it saved on. From there you can edit it, save it to your computer, and publish an edited version if you want.

There is also the web-based blueprint file exchange, where people have uploaded blueprint files you can just download and open in the designer.
Here: hazeron.com/Exchange
You can import a mesh and then convert it to a ships hull. Importing is not perfect and you have to massage the model heavily. If the source has too many faces or too much detail, it can crash the editor when cutting jigs.

With patience and practice it does work. Here is an example ship ( you might enjoy )