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Full Version: In the market for a ship built.
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Hello fellow Hazeron player and species, Laywn here with a request or purchase of a specific ship design.

I'm not a ship builder and have very limited knowledge of how to build one so I'm actively looking for someone to build a ship for me that I would use as my Empire standard design.  I'm looking for the ship from the TV show Firefly, named Serenity.

*Note* I'm extremely interested in a very detailed design/layout as close to the real thing and color as possible.  I'm whiling to use PayPal/Steam or another agreed transaction for compensation for this project.  I've been playing SoH for years now but my erratic work schedules do not allow me to get the in game time I would like to try to design it myself.

Wormhole PNN and Warp 1 is fine to start.

I really hope someone is interested, I am prepared to make it worth their while. Below is a link/pic to start you out.