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Full Version: 2019-10-09 Forum Version Update
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The forum software was updated today to the latest version.

Bugs in the dark Lunorian theme got worse after the update so I removed it. Still getting used to the new/original/default layout.

Account registration now has a reCAPTCHA button instead of a silly question that any bot can answer. You just have to click a check box that says 'I Am Not A Bot'. Fingers crossed that this will reduce the spammers.

Now to go after deleting/purging the spam and see how things evolve from now on.
Die you dame swamper bot!

R.I.P. old forum I like it, I am actually sad for this one but die you dame bot die!
YIKES this is bright. *closes visor* I hope it keeps the spam at bay.
I was not prepared, and neither were my pupils, but I think I can manage if it keeps the spammers out.
I have been using the default MyBB theme for a long time now. I couldn't deal with the bugs in the dark Lunorian theme.
Well it didn't work there is 2 now spammers post in Arena of Ideas.
Yeah, I saw. :/
I searched but did not find a dark theme or template for this version of MyBB. Will check again from time to time.
(10-10-2019, 02:10 AM)Haxus Wrote: [ -> ]
(10-09-2019, 10:14 PM)Norm49 Wrote: [ -> ]Well it didn't work there is 2 now spammers post in Arena of Ideas.

Yeah, I saw. :/

Does look like it has slowed down spambot account creation, but yes a few of the more advanced spambots are still getting through.
So it is better i guess, but i don't know if perfect is even possible.

So yeah, cleaning up spam on the forum might be a daily job for a while still.
[Image: spam7.gif]
Actually they are quite easy to spot before they post their sh*t - weird or obvious names, spam links in signature and a suspicious bio.
If there was at least one volunteer with some limited admin rights, spambots wouldn't last long.
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