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A small moonbase.

A city placed in a harsh environment, such as on an airless moon or underwater, will require environmental enclosures for all buildings.

The first harsh environment colony is most often on a moon in order to mine eludium and possibly lumenite, which is used to manufacture starships.

Penalties and Restrictions

Harsh environment brings with it a number of penalties and special restrictions.

City Effects

All cities located in a harsh environment have the following permanent effects or requirements:

  • City will have a permanent "-1 Harsh Environment Penalty" morale penalty.
  • There will be no automatic citizens immigration without a trade connect, such as an airport terminal.
  • Citizens only immigrate at half the normal rate.
    • Birth rate is not affected.
  • Citizens will require air as a commodity in the city store to breathe.
    • Air shortage will result in a proportional morale penalty and/or deaths.
  • City will require electricity at all times.
    • Electricity shortage will result in "Powerless in harsh environment" morale penalty and possible decay.
    • Citizens will start labor jobs regardless of day/night cycle, or presence of electricity in the city.

Underwater cities have a few extra effects along with the normal ones listed above:

  • Under sea manufacturing processes cannot fetch sunlight, wind, or any atmospheric resource.

Life Support Requirements

To built a building in harsh environment, the building blueprint will require a specific amount of life support and armor allocated.

m³/job the numbers
Habitable Sea Airless Frigid Sea Frigid Land Gas Giant Sea Inferno Land
Jobs 0.5 1 2 3 3.5 4
Homes 0.5 1 2 3 3.5 4
Arenas 1.5 3 6 9 10.5 12
Fields 2.5 5 10 15 17.5 20
Habitable Sea Airless Frigid Sea Frigid Land Gas Giant Sea Inferno Land
Armor 15% 0% 20% 5% 25% 10%
Habitable Sea Airless Frigid Sea Frigid Land Gas Giant Sea Inferno Land
Module Life Support Life Support Life Support Life Support Gravity Life Support Life Support



While a biodome protects against the harsh environment, all buildings constructed still require the materials needed for the harsh environment enclosures. This is so the harsh environment enclosure can quickly be deployed in case of biodome failure.

Quotes from patch notes

Related patch notes
Update 2016-03-11: Under Sea Construction
Many people have requested the ability to build cities under the sea.
Under sea city construction is now possible. Here are the details:
  • Cities can be built in seas of water and supercooled liquid.
  • Under sea cities are enclosed like cities in unbreathable atmospheres. The enclosure beams and columns are much thicker and textured with a coarse concrete pattern.
  • Town square can be built in the sea if the water is deep enough.
  • Roads can be built in the sea if the water is deep enough. They cannot transition between above water and below water. Cities under the sea cannot be connected by road to cities on land.
  • Buildings can be built in the sea if the water is deep enough for the harsh environment enclosure. The height of the enclosure is tall enough to fit the tallest building of that type made from its current material, just like on moons. That means the material will affect the minimum water depth required for each building.
  • Biodomes can be built in the sea if the top of the dome does not breach the surface of the sea.
  • Ship yards will spawn submarines just above the building, within the bounds of the building site.
  • Wharfs will produce fish and they will connect under sea cities with other cities that have a wharf.
  • Under sea cities are treated like other cities in an airless environment. Air must be imported/manufactured.
  • Spacecraft will land at the airport of an under sea city. If the tarmac is not enclosed, they will probably suffer a lot of damage from the sea while sitting there.
  • Under sea weapon bases cannot fire.
  • Beaming to/from an under sea city with a transporter works.
  • Spacecraft cannot fire bay weapons at under sea targets.
  • Under sea units are not detected on sensors.
  • Under sea construction requires extra materials: stone, metal and plastic.
  • EV suit now protects vs supercooled liquid to enable construction under frigid seas.
  • Top down view has limited usefulness unless you are in really deep water. This will probably not change.
  • Every single possibility has not been tested. Don't be surprised if you see a bug.
  • Tool tips on the construction window need updating.

Update 2016-03-15: Under Sea Natural Resources

Under sea cities should not be able to generate wind or solar power.
Under sea manufacturing process can no longer fetch sunlight, wind, or any atmospheric resource.