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Empire taxes window.

Each empire that has an empire capital city maintains a treasury. The treasury grows through minting bullion. An empire with no capital city does not accumulate a treasury.

The treasury is reported as a Bank balance balance in the city report of each city that has a bank. Income and expenses of the city are shown on the city report.

Any avatar with governing authority may withdraw any available amount from the city's banks.

Tax Types

As avatars may withdraw any desired amount, taxation is widely unnecessary. This information is kept for reference.

Taxes are set by the empire's government using the Governance (F12) window's Taxes tab. Three kinds of taxes can be set.

Income tax Collected on all income earned by citizens employed in empire cities. Each employed citizen earns 25¢ per city report period. Income tax is also collected on rewards paid out to avatars, at the time the debt is redeemed.
Sales tax Collected periodically from every city based on the income spent by its population. Sales tax is also collected on commodity sell transactions, such as when an avatar sells items at a building or when a company-owned spacecraft sells cargo to cities.
Fleet tax Collected when cargo is sold from a fleet spacecraft.

Income Tax Penalty

The higher the Income Tax the less citizens want to work. Each time a citizen is about to fetch commodities, run a manufacturing job, or do construction work, the citizen takes a moment to decide if working is worth its time.

This is calculated simply by the income tax percentage. If the income tax is 10%, there is a 10% chance a job won't be run. This means that if the income tax is 50%, all manufacturing jobs may only be run every second time, cutting all production in half.


Taxes accumulate in the city coffers. Once per day at 0:00 UTC, half of each city's Government Account is transferred to either the sector's capital city or the empire capital city.

See the Capital City page for more information.

Empire Tribute

If the empire is a vassal or an ally of another empire, a portion of the empire capital city's government account may be sent to the overlord or ally.

See the Political Stance page for information on taxing other empires.


When a city is captured, the daily tax revenues that have accumulated and the private funds of the local citizens are split between the conquering avatars present in the city.

For more information, see the City Conquest page.

Government Debt

Members of an empire earn pay for doing labor, a debt is accrued to them by their empire. This debt is collected by visiting a bank that is owned by the empire. There the debt can be redeemed for cronodollars if the bank has the money in its government account. Income tax is collected off debt when it is redeemed, at the current income tax rate of the empire.

For more information, see the Government Debt page.