Town Square

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Imbox deletion.png An important note!

The creation of new Town Squares have been disabled.
See: Building Update

Town Square
Placement Requirement
  • Land not near anything
Maximum Levels
  • 1
  • None

The town square is the center of all cities, and is required to found a new city. The only item required to construct the town square is a single flag, no matter the environment. It is finished instantly, requiring no labor to construct.

When placing the town square, a popup window will appear asking you to name the city. If the sector and/or solar system isn't named yet, you will be able to choose a name for them too.
Note: All these names can be changed later if so desired.

Wilderness Sanctuary

While standing on a town square, wild animals will not attack. This is useful in environments with hostile animals and limited means of protection.


If enemy troops enter the town square, they will start capturing the city. In order for a town square to be captured, all military flags must be captured first.

For more information see the City_Conquest page.


If the town square is the only building in the city, it and the city will decay after 72 hours.

For more information, see the Decay page.

Capacitor Storage

The town square has a tiny capacitor storage capacity making it able to receive electricity from spacecraft and ringworlds.

Capacity: 50